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The Solar Regime and the Lunar Regime of Sunbeam and Moonbeam along with Senzang's armies arrived to the Zahnrad encampment area, from long distance they have spotted the Zahnrad soldiers amassing large vast amount of armies: infantries, battle turngears, and armored thrumbines...

"There they are, those Zahnrad freaks sure plotting to retake Zuvesda for sure what that large quantity of firepower." Lieutenant Sunbrass said, using his binocular. "You boys ready to do this, take the fight to them?" Moonbeam said, smiling.

"Oh yeah we are darn ready!" Said one of Senzang's soldiers.

"Well you guys better fight cleanly." Moonshire teased.

"Alright let's move out." Sunbeam said.

They charged as they met their foes on the battlefield- a clear dirty wasteland with small tuft of lush greens. The allies began to open fire as the enemies shouted out...

"They have begun attacking, for Malgorzata Sestra! We shall promote Zahnrad!" One of the Zahnrad infantry said.

The battle royal clash have began, as they exchange gunfire back and fourth, soldiers on both side dying as they fall dead, blood spatter all over the battlefield. Senzang's men charged into the fray as several fall. Using attached bayonets, various melee weapons to fight as some continued to fight with equalizers. Each side taking heavy hellish gunfire as explosions erupted from both sides.

Turngears firing their weapons as armored thrumbines attacked.

Sunbeam moving through, slaying over 500 enemy soldiers as he deflected and dodged every of the gunfire, slashed over 20 turngears, and killed over a chain of 1,000 enemy soldiers.

"Push through we must break through into their large camp." Sunbeam said, stabbing a turngear.

"Got it, come on guys let's push forward. Hut hut!" Lieutenant Sunbrass said, blasting over 70 enemy infantry soldiers with his AK-47.

Sunsword and Sunsuna both destroyed over 200 both attacking turngears and armored thrumbines as they exploded- slaying 2,500 Zahnrad soldiers as they deflected and evade gunfire.

"Ha ha! HA! HA!" Sunsword leaped up on a Zahnrad soldier's head as he pierced one of his swords into his chest, he flied somewhat through heap through the front gate entrance, quickly landing down and dashed eliminating 6 guards as he slice down the metal gate, destroying the security. Sunsuna followed up cutting through over 1,000 enemy soldiers, launching 30 lighting fast pressure waves that sent over 50 attacking turngears flying away slamming into other Zahnrad soldiers as they exploded over 5-by-5 radius killing about 700 of them as Senzang's men occupied them, killing over 500,000 of them with heavy machine guns and explosives. They lost over 200,000 men plus 10,000 more by turngears and armored thrumbines.

Sunlaser blasted a hole through the armored assaulting vehicles and turngears, saving several of Senzang's men lives, destroying 30 of turngears and armors...

"This is going to be a bloody battle here in Ayaziwa." Sunlaser said to himself, watching several of Senzang's fighters moving in as some got wasted by enemy gunfire and explosions.

Sunbeam backstabbed a turngear that is launching out bombs on the fighting allied soldiers with his solar blade, which shuttered then explode. Sunbrass killed over 80 enemy soldiers and damaged over 20 turngears.

Sunsword and Sunsuna by now made it to the campsite as they mow down 10 Zahnrad infantrymen with their swords, slashing over 10 turngears, and flipped a transport vehicle over which exploded...

"General Sunbeam over here this way." Sunsword gestured as Sunsuna launched few pressure waves to cover them, annihilating 100 Zahnrad soldiers inbound.

Sunbeam and Sunlaser both head over to Sunsword as they kept firing their equalizers, Sunbrass covering them as he advance into the camp.

Over to Moonbeam and her elites, they have eliminated over 450,000 of the soldiers, freeze over 500 of turngears and armored thrumbines, and froze 10 machine gun nests.

Moonbeam hacked 5 of the firing Zahnrad soldier's heads off with her lunar blade, proceeding to slash, stab, and dismemberment 170 more Zahnrad soldiers as she freeze every of the bullets turning them into spiky ice shrapnel and reflect them back at them killing 400 and 800 more Zahnrad soldiers as she swing her blade profusingly.

Moonshire and Moonrire both used their aquatic resonators, slamming over 500,000 of all enemies. The bluehead ladies then switch to their resonators and end up freezing the waters, freezing them frozen hard liquid-nitrogen solid. Controlling colossal sum amount of frozen hard misty ice, Moonshire and Moonrire both manipulate the ice shattering the frozen trapped enemies and shaped them into spiked rocks like projectiles, hurling them at the armored thrumbines and attacking turngears eliminating them being squashed.

Moonriver armed with her aquatic sword and edger  she slashed down 80 Zahnrad soldiers, 50 turngears, 25 armors, and removed 30 hidden landmines that exploded. Moonlady armed with ice cannon blasters attached to her improvised shield-gauntlets blocking most of the enemy gunfire using her energy barrier. She fired her ice blasters, wounding 70 enemies as they instantly turn to sheer ice cold stone and then shatter.

Altogether Moonbeam and her ladies fend the onslaught of the Zahnrad regimes along with Senzang's fighters as Sunbeam and his elites wreck havoc within the camp...

"What now? We are inside the heart of Zahnrad's camp and many more of the Zahnrad soldiers are still holding their ground as Senzang's warriors are fighting." Lieutenant Sunbrass said.

Sunlaser blasted a medium hole killing 30 Zahnrad soldiers bleeding through there as they coughed up intensive amount of blood falling dead with his dual laser pistols. He continued to blast them, wiping out 5 turngears armored with bombs as they blow up. Sunsword and Sunsuna cleaned up the house with piles of dead soldiers, cutting down their armors as they are stabbed, pierced hard, some lost limbs and neck. Sunsword and Sunsuna both in couples confederation launched a mega pressure wave knocking a megatank over then creating a loud cacophony thudding explosion that killed 60 advancing Zahnrad soldiers from the right side...

"Notify Shaka Senzang and let him know we have breached through the camp." Sunbeam said. "Yes sir." Sunbrass replied.

Moonbeam slain over 70 Zahnrad soldiers following up with Moonlady backstabbed 50 as she gas-freeze couple attempting to cut Moonbeam from behind as she stabbed a turngear that is firing its dual machine gun.

By then the enemies are quickly losing as many of the Zahnrad regimes are dying, turngears being destroyed, armors blowing up. Over 150,000,000 of Senzang's men were killed in this war. By then Lieutenant Sunbrass have contacted Senzang, in response for sending additional back-up and couple assaulting aircraft.

Meantime over to Zuvesda, the allied clan removed every Zahnrad propaganda there are, securing the city.

By then more reinforcements for the allies have arrived as two battle aircraft move into finishing off the enemies, firing barrage of missiles onto the camp as Sunbeam, Moonbeam and their elites back out killing every existing enemies in their way.

The camp exploded with more missiles being launched as machine guns rocked the whole area, destroying the camp as Senzang soldiers cheered.

"Good job boys! We love you!" Moonshire cheered.

"It's already over?" Sunlaser said.

Sunbeam sensed that something is coming, observing the aircraft that were currently putting the camp into ruins as it kept firing missiles and guns upon it.

Suddenly two large red lasers came out of nowhere and struck both aircraft, destroying them. The allied soldiers gasps as the unforeseen unidentified aircraft uncloaked revealing a large futuristic galactic airship.

"Whoa! What is that?!" Sunsword pointed. "It's huge!" Sunsuna gasped.

"It's some kind of a flying ship of sort." Sunlaser said.

"Well whatever it is it sure took out the aircraft of ours." Lieutenant Sunbrass said.

"What the hell is that thing!?" Moonrire exclaimed. Moonshire shrugged as Moonbeam and her ladies watched in curiosity and shocked.

To Senzang's men they watched as the large aircraft land down slowly on the ground...

"What the hell?" One of the men exclaimed. "It took out both the aircraft!" The second said. "We should fire everything we have on that obstacle!" The third said.

They fired their equalizers even exploding heavy weapons on the landed black aircraft. The aircraft took some exploding damage but with bullets it dealt no denting damage to it, however the large colossal size aircraft remained very resilient.

Moonbeam suddenly saw the turrets shifted toward the assaulting firing allied soldiers as the aircraft continued sustaining blows of shelling and gunfire...

"Oh no, watch out!" Moonbeam cried out to the men.

The turrets and auto-cannon blasters fired out, turning the soldiers into disintegrated skull an crossbones as it kept firing red lasers and kinetic exploding blasters.

The soldiers watched in horror as they became victims of the firing lasers, triggering their lost of hope to a defeated in retreat. The hatch opened from that black aircraft immediately deploying out dark-brown greenish colored battle droids and improvised turngears over 500,000 of them each as they march immediately finishing off the retreating soldiers.

Coming out of the aircraft after few of the enemy officers is an Explorer named Jerkuba wearing reinforced armor made out of steel infused with laser materials armed with red photon blade. He along with several more droids and turngears came out of the aircraft as the loading hatch closed. The large aircraft then began to lift up as the engine screech then it immediately went poof somewhere else.

Jerkuba watched the burning destruction of the encampment that was laid wasted as the droids and turngears armed with laser pistols, laser rifles, laser blasters, and photon cannons secured around the area. Soon 5 dropships poofed in landing down, hatch slowly open out more droids and turngears moving out on each aircraft with few officers. The dropships then cybernetically transformed into armored bunkers attached with twin photon blasters on the top.

Jerkuba then used his force superpower to gather all the materials within the camp and construct a large warphole in the central area of the desolated burning camp. Once finished the warphole ignited creating a rift-portal where more droids came out from it,which are being used to train indefinite amount of droids and turngears.

To the Solar and Lunar Regime noticing all these, they watched as the enemies constructed walls and small buildings...

"What the hell are them?" Sunbrass wondered.

"We should attack them immediately, they might plan to assault Zuvesda." Sunsword suggested.

"We are outnumbered as usual with Senzang's men all defeated, there's no chance for survival here." Sunbeam said.

"We should retreat and report this to Shaka Senzang himself." Moonbeam said. "I agree with mi'lady here." Moonriver said.

"Those robotic forces are armed with unique weaponry no normal than lead ammo guns." Moonlady said.

"Alright we have gathered enough details let's report back to Senzang." Sunbeam stated.

They rushed back to Zuvesda, heading into the corporate capitol building where they meet Shaka Senzang along with the entire council in the large central hub with operators and fighters moving around...

"Senzang we have spotted unidentified enemies that have taken over the camp site. It seemed they are using turngears and various robotic fighters as armies." Sunbeam said.

"It look like they are amassing large scale of units to retake this city. One of them have constructed a portal that calls in infinite reinforcements of them." Moonbeam delivered.

Senzang and the council all surprised but they knew the part through the aircraft's camera recording footage about the large aircraft, but about what Sunbeam and Moonbeam said.

"I see well drats it sounds like it could be another war. We lost many men already and we can't afford to send more out if they are armed with something new." Shaka Senzang said.

"Sir we have received reports that the allied so called the Star Regime have secured Raaisel from the south, now they are sending in help over to us. Should we patch him through?" The operator said.

"Oh really?"

"Wait it's the Star Regime? Patch him through I bet they can help with the new threats we're facing." Sunbeam exclaimed.

The operator hit few buttons, prompting the command master technical computer to come online, showing the face of Starbeam...

"Good day Shaka Senzang and the Ayaziwan Anschluss, I am X Vice Colonel Starbeam Charmley the leader of the Star Regime. We have influenced 75% of Ayaziwa claiming Raaisel as apart of ours now. Now we have claimed another city from the northwest part. The Star Regime wished that we would like to accept Zuvesda as apart of our unified faction." Starbeam announced.

"We have accepted the Udoko Clan onto our territory, but I see you  and your men have improved the infrastructures, the economics, and environment around Ayaziwa. But we..."

Sunbeam then got in the way facing Starbeam, as he interrupted Senzang's speech with him...

"Hey Starbeam buddy, we need to have a one-on-one serious discussion. We have trou..."

"The Laasser Clan have arrived so abruptly? We have already sent our elites and I will be there with my men over to Zuvesda. It will take me about 30 minutes to handle this threat situation. Thank you." Starbeam said, interrupting Sunbeam's speech as the communication turn offline.

"The Laasser Clan, is that what those enemies are named?" Sunbeam asked.

Senzang shrugged. "I guess so I mean I was going to warmly accept him and asked for his help on combating these terrorists, but you interrupted me." Senzang said.

"Have you guys got any further intel about those unusual foes?" Moonriver asked the operators.

"Negative, we have no trace to their whereabouts nor what they are planning." they replied back.

"Darn we just have to wait for the Star Regime then." Moonriver replied.

Few statics buzzed suddenly with small eerie feedback as one of the clan fighters reported in large mass convoys entering in Zuvesda...

"We have reported in that the Star Regime have arrived, many of the green-star soldiers have flooded the city along with large mass of convoy-shipment of resources." Said one of the clan fighters on the communication, follow by engine revving in the background and indistinctive shouting.

"Huh sure looks like they have arrived already." Senzang said.

Outside of Zuvesda, the starsoldiers, starmarines, starzealots, and Starguards all supplied the unified allied clans with food, fresh water and juice, and reinforced vast amount of city buildings adding in extra layers of armor resilience.

Moving through the crowded streets the people watched over as the Star Regime elites armored with massive layered laser armor infused with gold and armed with various laser advanced weaponry.

Starwars, Starsword, Starsuna, Starluke,Starwalker, Starwalk, Starlaser, and Starlight all marching wisely through the streets. While half of the soldiers move to the upper side where they set up large outposts as hundreds of the SR102Es flew through the skies gaining vast intelligence and visual insights of the physical land.

Inside the central capital hub, the door slid open as instantly Xtreme Vice Colonel Starbeam Charmley and his girlfriend, Starley Sweetbeat along with Starwis, Starwise, Starborn, and Starcraft all entered the scene looking wise and serious...

"Starbeam my goodness you are here, now can we..." Starley giggled suddenly charging in to give Sunbeam a big hug and same moment give him a smoochy kiss on the lips, silencing him as Starbeam witnessed that but did not care if his girl Starley is making out with his orange twin rival- he walks past them to socialize with Senzang and the Ayaziwan Anschluss council...

"Awww that girl sure hammered out hotty leader." Moonshire said, making that twitchy jealousy facial expression. "I always wanted to do that to him. Aww..." Moonrire folds her arms defiantly.

Starley proceeded to Starbeam by his side as both Moonshire and Moonrire suddenly swift in pouncing him down making that "Rawr" beast noise as they make out with him like he is some kind of a kissing teddy bear tool.

Moonbeam giggled as Moonriver and Moonlady seemed fascinated watching Sunbeam getting moped by the slight nymphomaniac ladies as he muffled and gagged with smoochy kissing slurping noises can be heard at humdrum level. Attracting eyeballs from within the command hubs, few operators and soldiers stood there murmuring as they behaved pervertedly. Some blushed watching both Moonshire and Moonrire friendly raping Sunbeam out with each of them taking turns kissing him, french-kissing with tongues dwindling his', and sucking on each of his cheeks as they grip on his armor-clothing attire like a savage beast. Moaning out slightly.

However Starbeam, Starwis, Starwise, Starborn, and Starcraft all wisely ignored the moaning smooching noises in the background distance except for Starley who is peeking over her shoulder having dirty second thoughts of having him in bed with her on top of him...

"Straight-forward, Shaka we have received intelligence from our deployed   SR102Es. With large scanning radius we have spotted that aircraft holding the major position at the city northwest from this origin city. Sadly all that was gathered is they have their droids deployed that have seized control of that whole city." Starbeam said.

"So what happened to that device, the SR102Es scouting that area?" Sunbrass questioned.

"What is the strategy?" Moonbeam wondered.

"The strategy comes later with Starwis and Starwise here to lay all that out. Moonbeam. Now to answer your question, Lieutenant Sunbrass, simple they were eliminated. All 10 sent to investigate were crushed by them.

Now let's get onto the point." Starbeam said. He then turned facing to Sunbeam getting pawned in a romantic wrestling by Moonshire and Moonrire both holding him bound as they suck his face to the neck- making out with him profusingly...

"I would require General Sunbeam to be needed for his attention, ladies. All that fetishes can be done privately and personally at home. Not here, thank you."

Sunbeam and the two nymphomania ladies paused to look at Starbeam.

They all gathered around as Starwis and Starwise both laid out the plan, programming various coordinates on the computer and other devices from gathered SR102Es' datas.

The technology showed the insights of the enemies from the northern side showing the red dots are seemingly advancing forward to Zuvesda heading south from their perspective. Assuming the large red dot represents Jerkuba's occupation. Also shown the large dominant occupation of the unnamed city from where that black armored aircraft is seen that have been occupied by them. But their typical faction have been identified as the Laasser Clan, armed with radiant lance class weaponry...

"Their forces called the Laasser Clan emerged once Zahnrad occupation within Zuvesda have been eradicated and it's encampment as well- have taken uphold of their spot. Assuming their loyalty with Zahnrad they will take over this city.

From the camp that have been eliminated, they have manifested their small outpost there construction their armies of mechanical battle robotic droids- they are making their moves directly here.

They are using radiant lances, most deadly weapons, typical can pierce through armor if not too layered and dense enough. It's lasers or photonic ray blasters are charring dangerous to the touch that can easily sever through the body with ease. It can cut and disintegrate all biological matters like bones.

So the plans are, simple Sunbeam, Sunbrass, Sunsword, Sunsuna, Sunlaser. Moonbeam, Moonshire, Moonrire, Moonriver, and Moonlady you all will remain here.

Leave it to the Starjedi-knights." Starwis said.

"Huh what is Starjedi-knight and why do we have to stay here?" Moonshire questioned.

"Oh the Starjedi-knights are highly trained radiant lance users, radiant lance are powerful on a scale than normal average melee and equalizers. It be enough to curve through trees and anything just about solid near as metal. For sure it's highly lethal for us human being if it strike the exposed skin. The reason you people of your allied faction to stay here is because we have much more intelligence with all due respect. The enemies would be considered more advanced on the tier 5 scale." Starwis answered.

"Simply the enemies have armor that could withstand almost all of your cunning attacks. No question if they bear some sort of powers, but what we know is that their motivation is to retake this city and spreading propaganda again. The Udokotela from Raaisel should be okay. As we have fully secured the south of Ayaziwa.

The Starjedi-knights:Starwars, Starsword, Starsuna, Starluke,Starwalker, Starwalk, Starlaser, and Starlight will all lead the fight to the north.

To combat armies of droids, good news we have farmed immense amount of materials to create battle-like custom similarly to their droids, introducing the improvised robotics the Star Trooper." Starwise said.

He typed in few keyboards popping up a model of the Star Trooper robotic droid, all green colored armed with a typical laser pistol.

"Oooh." Moonrire stared.

"Interesting model." Lieutenant Sunbrass said. "So you are going to send these things out to combat the armies of enemy robots?" Moonriver asked.

"Of course, not going to risk having our actual men on the frontline of the battlefield. It was thanks to our magnificent leader, X Vice Colonel Starbeam who reasoned out with the Udokotela that they gave him a blueprint of these robotic technologies. Now we have them being made from Termal, Shinbuka, and the reclaimed city from the northwest point from Termal now named Starrenrad all are constructing the Star Troopers. About 300,000,000 millions have been made and deployed in 20 mega-colossal sized airships." Starwis said.

Starbeam slightly nodded as Starley stood there smiling like a boss.

"My forgers have the necessary tools and proper procedures to make these bots to life to serve our cause." Starcraft said.

"They will crush all enemy resistance and oppression to its demise." Starborn said.

"Ahh there it is, their fleet now making it's way to the battlefield." Starwise pointed on the computerized electronic map indicating the large green dots.

The camera then zoomed into the indicated green dots as the scene transfer to the large vessels of airship flying through the air. They traveled 5 kilometers high then landed as the marching armada forces of the droids and turngears slowly marching inbound. From the distance apart, the airships' hatches all slowly opened as the organized readied Star Troopers saw the glimpse bright cloudy late afternoon daylight. Once the hatch touched the ground and the light flashed in the loading bay of the ship, the Star Troopers all moved out dashing to confront the enemies.

The whole large airship vessels immediately transformed cybernetically into a mixture of a stationed implanted barrack and robotic facility. Using it to constantly indefinitely build Star Troopers with limitless amount of supplies of resources. Additionally 550,000 more are created as they head out to the battlefield.

By now after some time marching they met face-to-face. Over to the developed advanced looking base, sitting on the metallic royal looking throne-like chair Jerkuba viewing the whole scene from few of the officer's that have set up a radar grid that shows the map of the physical layouts seeing that they have met with the enemies...

"Sir our units have met with the enemies." The officer said.

"What is your option, sir?" The second officer said.

Jerkuba looking tough and wise with his serious grim look on his face...

"COMMENCE FIRE! Begin the robotic assault! Launch the second wave of 500,000 more droids, turngears don't let them get near to this outpost!" Jerkuba said.

Over to the battlefield, the Star Troopers and the droids began to fire, radiant lances of various kinds all lash out all over the battlefield. Making pew pew pew chum chum chum chum whirling-whizzy noises between humdrum to cacophony levels as the lasers, blasters, photon cannons, and other laser or shocking weaponry hit the ground, hitting trees, going all over the battlefield.

Already technical casualties been skyrocketing as both the droids and the Star Troopers are getting blasted. Holes were made through the metal along with more holes at the head, lower area received from exchanging radiant lance fires. The Star Troopers fell dead uncooperative, some exploded, some wounded but kept firing on and on so and so. Over to the enemy droids/turngears same result as their robotic heads were blown off, arms/legs dis-attached, holes made from impacting lasers, some even shocked to its uncooperative or exploded.

It went on as they maintain a stalemate distance between each other constantly firing radiant lances all over the metallic robotic corpses of the Star Troopers and the droids/turngears. Machine lasers pewpewpewpewpewing as heavy lasers stroke killing 50 in a straight line that blasted a medium hole through a tree as it lit on fire.

Over 350,000 Star Troopers were destroyed with 675,000 of droids/turngears destroyed as it raged on fourth. More reinforcements arrived as the land war have commenced. More holes blasted through killing each of other's apart, more fell dead and others exploded. 10 Star Trooper slammed dead few meters back in an awkward recoil as more heads were shot off for the droids/turngears.

"Beep beep boop..." Few of the droids responded as some exploded, fell dead unresponsive, as the living kept firing their radiant lances. Following more robotic deaths of 450 droids were eliminated as bunch of metallic scrap debris of the droids trashed the whole wasteland as each droids getting wiped out raining heads, arms, legs, and fractured robotic fragments pieces  all over the ground.

Same for the Star Troopers as they exploded, fell dead, some even melted dead to waxy puddle like candles. Yet radiant lances fired everywhere, laser rocking world as each side sustained heavy charring damages from lasers, blasters, and shockers.

To Jerkuba and his officers that observed the battlefield...

"Keep sending more of our robotics and try to push forward, we must retake Zuvesda at once!" Jerkuba said.

"Yes sir!"

Over to Starbeam in Zuvesda City...

"Our Star Troopers are engaging the enemy about 20 meters in the middle of the vast wasteland. With indefinite amount of metals of our fallen fighters, we could collect and then scrap them to make radiant lances. Or repair or to recycle them." Starwis said.

"Whoa whoa, ain't that cold-blooded to just recycle the dead, why not repair those green Star Trooper or something?" Moonshire asked.

Sunbeam just remained quiet as Moonbeam walked next to him, taking his hand holding it as she observed too.

"We can repair the Star Troopers correct to save resources, but with many of metallic scraps from destroyed droids and other robotics littering the whole laser-flying battlefield, we could use them to create more high-tech radiant lancers." Starcraft said.

"Sure is a landfill of metal corpses laying around, so far they are keeping distance  as they kept on firing their lasers." Starborn said.

"This is the good opportunity to have Team Starjedi-knights to move in." Starley said. Starbeam nodded slightly as he sat there monitoring the battlefield.

Moving through the infinite advancing wave on a futuristic looking thrumbine, the Team Starjedi-knights:Starwars, Starsword, Starsuna, Starluke,Starwalker, Starwalk, Starlaser, and Starlight all began to see the largest intense radiant lance fights going on...

"Starsword look out!" Starwars said. "Whoa!" Starwsword piloting the thrumbine, strafe to the right avoiding the laser as it hit a Star Trooper.

"Another lasers inbound." Starlaser said.

Starsword dodged each shots, veering to the left, right, bouncing up, and more strafing to evade radiant fire as some took out advancing firing Star Troopers.

They now began to enter into the dense laser-fighting warzone as Starsword activated the button which made the parts on the side extending upward, forming a clear armored roof concealing them safe inside the vehicle like a turtle's shell. As the thrumbine is made out of laser and steel infused material at excelsium layered densed. Having an electric sharped instrument on the front of the thrumbine along with 8 laser turrets around the vehicle, they dashed right through the fray...

"Alright we are going to run over all these pests. Prepare for any up close and personal fighting." Starsword said.

Maneuvering around the Star Troopers, Starsword began to ram through the large armada waves of the droids/turngears moving fairly fast enough that several spotted it missed their shots- killing each other as over 100 to 300 were being ran over. The laser turrets fired as the vehicle made its way to the enemy's outpost. The droids and turngears seeing the vehicle passing by ramming bunch of their clones as the turrets blast more dead, they aim and attack the vehicle.

The ongoing constant barrage of lasers automatically deflected or bounced off the vehicles as it rebound right back killing other droids- even sawing heads or body parts off. With lasers, blasters, shockers gunning on the vehicle which is taking no effect, about 30 of the droids leaped on it, trying to ride on with it, but attempting to make their way inside the concealed armored thrumbine...

"We got scraps on our ride." Starwalk said.

Starsword pivoted the vehicle ramming into other droids as they flew over eliminated, turrets kept firing. Ramming continuously they have shaken off the droids that have clanged onto the vehicle, one of the turngears armed with a electro shocker, blast the vehicle with electricity, but its shock grounded proof. The Star Troopers charged in as they kept on firing their radiant lances as one fire an exploding laser blaster, emitting a medium size explosion that sent 10,000 droids into pieces within the radius. As another Star Trooper fired out a ray beam, obliterating over 200,000 more.

After long 30 meters of stab-ramming over series clusters of the droid/turngears as they continuously to fire their radiant lances on the speedy thrumbine, missing as it hit other droids/turngears, striking the vehicle but reflect/deflected back or elsewhere, and having several droids leaping onto the vehicle which then immediately being destroyed as Starsword activated the EMP field security measurement on the vehicle which shock any droids that land on the thrumbine to destruction. They have made it to the enemy's outpost where Jerkuba and his officers are stationed at.

Team Starjedi-knights saw the walls made of metal as few buildings were made. They shall a portal that have been constructed to continuously spawned indefinite amount of droids...

"We have found the base. Ready yourselves." Starsword said.

Jerkuba suddenly see dusts flying as he head off the chair to investigate using his thermal scope-goggles...

"It's the intruder! Get the droids on them! I don't understand how they have not been detected on the radar!?" Jerkuba questioned, angrily.

"It seems that they have special made advancements that blocks out some form of perception, sir. We are unable to identify." The officer replied.

The droids attacked the vehicle but no used as they are being eliminated by the turrets or being slammed as, Jerkuba made his way through...

"Alright guys head out time to engage the enemy on foot." Starsword said, setting crash course to the portal.

Team Starjedi-knights all head out as the thrumbine auto-drives toward the gate, but Jerkuba arrived and halt the vehicle using his force. He lifted high into the air and crushed it to a ball, then let it dropped hard to the ground as the allies evade heavy radiant lance fires from the droids guarding around the gates as some advance on the allies at gunpoint...

They met face to face with Jerkuba near the entrance of the outpost as he signaled the droids to hold their fire but kept their firearms on them as the officers came out to meet the intruders...

"So you all must be the intruders I presumed that you came seeking to lay us to nonexistence?" Jerkuba asked.

Starwars observed Jerkuba wearing darkened looking armor, his evil fanatical smile on his face, sensing his aura of darkness within him...

"You reek with darkness. You have no feeling of tranquility. All you seek is vengeance of destruction and manslaughter." Starwars said.

Jerkuba laughed evilly and unleashed his force on them all, but it had no effect on them...

"I see the force is strong with the light side, you fools are held responsible for destroying Zahnrad. The darkness with consume you to hell. Kill them!" Jerkuba said.

Quick reflexes Starwars, Starlight, Starluke, Starwalker, Starwalk, and Starlaser all whipped out their green lightsabers as Sunsword dual wields green steel swords infused with lasers as it lights up bright neon hot green, with Sunsuna pulling out her triple-single handle blade out with infused laser-- all immediately charging into battle as they deflect series of red lasers, blasters, and shockers away.

Starwars slashed 10 attacking droids and turngears in halves as he stabbed right through another droid to death. Starwalker and Starwalk fought back-to-back working together they defeated over 30 droids instantly, leading up ahead of them Starlight blinding an area of 60 droids with a green neon flash disrupter rendering them immobile halting their fire as he slash them apart with quick jolting light saber swinging speed.

Starluke reflected all the red lasers back at the droids/turngears putting over 80 out of commission. Starlaser stabbing 5, slashing 10 as he spin around going sword-kung fu with his green light saber he slice down 60 of them droids as he whip out his green blaster taking out 10 turngears loaded with bombs, exploding in clusters that took out 30 droids around them.

With infinite droids coming out immediately charging through the gate attacking Team Starjedi-knights, Starsword with Starsuna dancing around with their glowing heated charring blades they hacked 12 droid's necks as they slashed their bodies apart into explosions. Buying enough time to allow the others to get up close to the gate despite amid quick droid spawnings from the portal...

"We have to get close to the gate of the outpost, that portal is spawning vast amount of these pesky droids, like 50 out max." Starsword said, slashing enemies to scraps deflecting several laser shots.

"Some of you guys have to aggressively push through these tough attacking robots." Starsuna said, quashing 100 amount of droids and turngears apart at a very fast 3-second pace as she did a frontal flip stabbing a droid in the chest.

Starlaser toss a photon grenade, exploding out a charring sizzling radiation melting over 80 droids to waxy gooey substance. He blast one droid on his left, behind, then one up front within 5 meters. Stabbed one droid going to knock him out with its laser blaster...

"Well there's you Starsword, Starsuna, me, Starluke, Starwalk, Starwalker. Starwars, and Starlight all are fighting large hordes of these freaking drones." Starlaser said, continue to stab and blast the droids.

Starwars, Starluke, Starwalk, and Starwalker all fought through large amount of the aggressive attacking droids, eventually making through to the gate. The officers including jerkuba retreated behind the gate, attempting to close the gate shut...

"Seal the gate, alert the remaining of our forces!" Jerkuba demanded, angrily.

Starwars used the force to halt the gate from closing as Starluke and Starwalk both rushed into killing off the officers as few more pull out their laser blasters, but were sliced off by Starwalker as he strangled them both with his force. Starwars made inside releasing the force on the gates as Starsword knocked several enough droids back to the walls, destroying the gate and some of the walls with exploding droids/turngears as the Star Troopers began to push through the battlefield that can be seen by Starsword and Starsuna as they slow the enemy's progress back.

Starwars immediately go straight to the portal and used the force to fry up the system, shutting the portal down. He proceed to make his way to Jerkuba who is trying to contact the leader of the Laasser Clan over of the portable station device. Which got destroyed with a nice stab of Starwars' lightsaber...

"You have some nerve trying to prevent us for achieving our goals, have you!?" Jerkuba exclaimed, angrily. Starwars stood there making a serious look with his green lightsaber armed poised.

Jerkuba whipped out his red lightsaber and initiate a lightsaber duel, getting in direct clash as they push each other back and fourth, parrying. Jerkuba launched series of heavy lightsaber swinging, leaping at Starwars as he blocked them all, dodging few times as Jerkuba slashed few of the small vases to charring pieces. Starwars countered back, thrusting his lightsaber around and striking up-down, diagonally but Jerkuba blocked each styles of swinging.

"Come on is this the way of how you greenies fight, you are such a pathetic worm. A so-called valor have no place to exist here on Ayaziwa. Zahnrad will prevail and so will the fate of the fascist grip of new humanity. Muahahaha." Jerkuba said, knocking Starwars back hard with his red lightsaber.

He fell on the ground 3 meters back, but instantly hop back onto his feet curving small marks on the ground by accident with his green lightsaber. He charged back at Jerkuba swinging around his lightsaber like crazy in aggression, landing in series of zig-zag heated charring clashes as the lightsabers making sizzling buzzing noises. As they kept up the clash as they strike their radiant lances back and fourth, the rest of Team Starjedi-knights storm through the outpost, Starlaser taking out the guards from both watch towers as they fell down to their doom as he slice off the towering supports, making the towers collapse- falling to the ground resulting in a loud thud smashing noise.

Starsword, Starsuna, Starluke, Starwalk, and Starwalker all evade the constant firing of the red lasers as well the photon cannon being fired from the bunkers.

Starwalker and Starwalk both tossed enough energy bombs, taking out the bunkers with a loud booming explosions. Starsword, Starsuna, Starluke, Starwalk, Starlaser, Starlight and Starwalker all fought the remaining assaulting droids/turngears and any officers with their green lightsabers.

Starwars continued to clash lightsabers with Jerkuba, pushing each other back as they parry, parry, clash, clash, and stab...

"You are very pathetic, why not join the damn dark side- support Zahnrad avenge thy fallen! Ayaziwa is no place for you, foolish heroes." Jerkuba said, clashing.

Starwars facial expression gotten bit more serious. He immediately pull out his laser pistol after some time tying with the lightsaber clashing and shoot Jerkuba right at the weakest spot of the armor. Jerkuba eyes widen as he took serious damage, gurgling, choking as Starwars fired another shot right there...

"Trembling, I see. The force no longer within you my friend. What you see now is suffering- the darkness have consume you. You must be perished from this world." Starwars said to the staggering bleeding man.

He gained the upperhand and swinged his green lightsaber very hard that not only it knocked his red lightsaber, but he also sizzled off his arm making Jerkuba screamed in pain...

"Blarghh gaaagggg- no, no. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU WILL PAY! YOU ALL WILL..." Starwars silenced him by stabbing him through the neck, killing Jerkuba dead in the gruesome fatal way with his green lightsaber. Jerkuba fell back. Starwars then sliced off his armors and loot his body for augs and other weapons. By then they have seized control over the outpost as the Star Trooper arrived after the onslaught of heavy radiant lance firefight. Team Starjedi-knights regrouped as few of the allied robots stormed the outpost...

"We have taken over this spot, we should inform X Vice Colonel Starbeam  and have him send in more reinforcements." Starluke said.

"You Star Troopers secured around all perimeters of this outpost." Starlight said.

Starwalk and Starwalker both loot the fallen officers as Starsword reported the information to Starbeam.

Over to Zuvesda...

"Sir we have taken over the outpost, we should request back-up over to this coordinates. Over." Starsword reported.

"Understood." Starbeam replied. Then the communication went offline...

"Good job for them." Sunbeam said.

"Hooray." Moonrire said, sarcastically.

"I'm picking up that enemy reinforcement are being sent to that area. Wait it seem that few of other elites are combatting them." Starwis said.

The camera zoom in through that area, over to them, the airship landed down as the hatch opened. 350,000 Star Troopers rushed out immediately firing their lasers on the attacking droids and turngears.

After 250,000 more Startroopers came out, Starsolo, Starhan, Starnon, Starforce, Starbiwan, Starda, Starbecca, and Starchewy all head out on the battlefield.

"We have them now." Starhan said.

They all joined the fight: Starhan and Starsolo both firing their laser pistols, Starnon sniping out using her heavy laser sniper rifle, Starforce using his force as well as his green lightsaber, Starbiwan and Starda all fight using green lightsaber, lastly Starbecca and Starchewy both armed with green laser crossbow blasters.

The droids/turngears were instantly eliminated, but small wave of back-up arrived led by Droid FF1200...

"Beepbeepboop, analyzing analyzing. Enemy alert, enemy alert commence droid charge." Droid FF1200 said.

The droids move out firing their radiant lances. Starhan immediately jump and did a side flip into ducking after 3 of the Star Troopers were killed near him as he fired his laser pistol killing 5 of the attacking droids.

Starsolo blasted a droid's head off as he pierced the chest area, killing it.

"Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrraaaawwaawwa" Starchewy said. "Rrrrrrrrrrrrwwwwwaaaawwwa" Starbecca replied.

Starnon killed over 30 of the droids/turngears making them explode after being well-shot in the chest.

Starforce, Starbiwan, and Starda all with their green lightsabers they mowed down over 200 of the attacking droids/turngears as they deflect their shots away.

Droid FF1200 witnessed that it was no match as they continued to beat off the waves of droids/turngears...

"Initiating retreat, defeated." Droid FF1200 said. It then turned around and began running away. Stabbing a droid dead, Starbiwan witnessed that particular droid retreating away...

"Starhan, guys we have a runner." Starbiwan gestured to the retreating Droid FF1200.

"Oh no that droid ain't getting out of sight." Starhan said.

He fired 6 shots aiming at Droid FF1200 as he move further away, missing. two of the droids move up to back up Droid FF1200, but were killed instantly by Starsolo.

Starnon aimed her laser sniper rifle at Droid FF1200 and fired as she laid prone on the ground. The laser strike a turngear who got in the way and took the hit, exploding to pieces.

Failure, Droid FF1200 got away with the remaining battle droids and turngears kept being in the way being all wiped out.

"Darn we lost that droid." Starhan said.

"Let them escape, we will fight their entire army." Starwars said.

"Hesitate we shall not, fear not an option. With near infinite amount of Star Troopers we have there will be no end fourth to all the bloodshed." Starda said.

"We should return back and regroup with Team Starjedi-knights back at the outpost. Come on Star Troopers." Starbiwan said. Back over to the outpost now named Starren Outpost as they have taken the arsenal full of good radiant lances and occupied 5 mechanical war factories. Starbeam, Starley, Starwise, Starwise, Starcraft, Starborn, Sunbeam, Sunbrass, Sunsword, Sunsuna, Sunlaser, Moonbeam, Moonshire, Moonrire, Moonriver, Moonlady, and along with 500,000 Star Troopers all arrived to the outpost...

"Good day, Xtreme Vice Colonel Starbeam. We shall get straight down to business." Starlight said.

The airship suddenly came landing down on the left side of the walls, hatch slowly open out...

"You wrecking we should dive straight to business." Starhan said as the entire team of his all head out of the ship as it suddenly transform into a miniature improvised cybernetic briefcase placing it in his inventory.

Over to the owned unnamed city, at the black armored airship, that have been implanted acting as a large colossal size building.

Emperor Lapapatine out on the front deck, standing next to him is Count Stooku, General Dux, Starth Vader, Florth Vader, and Corrupt Vader. The entire droids armed with blasters and various radiant lances all stood their watching the mighty leader about to speak...

"My entire legion, we the Laasser Clan shall not falter! We will take over Ayaziwa, torture the innocence, let them know that the darkness shall rise and plagued this forsaken world, please Sestra and the people of Zahnrad! Together Ayaziwa shall be heard and be known for our propaganda rites. We shall murder all those who stand in our way, we shall rule Aes and eradicate all the greater good. The laasser Clan and Zahnrad shall prevail!" Emperor Lapapatine announced boldly, raising his hands high.

The soldiers in dark military outfits all cheered as the droids beeped in celebrations. Drax, Tie-Fighter, Jet Black, Laser-po, and Droid FF1200 also cheered as they all raised their weapons and arms high up.

They cheered insulting things about the allies as Stooku smiled evilly including Lapapatine. Starth Vader, Florth Vader, and Corrupt Vader all stood their breathing deeply as they can smell the evil within growing, that darkness surging throughout the whole city.

The chapter ends with the camera scanning the big picture of the whole city occupied with marching patrolling waves of droids/turngears as small amount of radiant-gears armor thrumbines cycled around the cities. With Lapapatine laughing evilly out loud. The evil music plays...

To be continued...
On the beautiful day of Christmas Eve as the sunny warm weather is shining, follow by steady amount of frosty snow-shower.

In the capital town of Laton within Aeneam, Aerisgen as the camera pans over to the toy shop owned oriented by the Spankenheimer family. Owned by Grandma Spankenheimer she managed the store along with a friendly cheerful volunteer, Jake Spankenheimer who been handling customer service as Grandma dressed in green like an elf would wear read several stories to the toddlers as they sat around paying attention to the story. While Jake dust off the shelves.

Then the grumpy arrogant lady with blonde hair and fashion lips named Cousin Mel barge into the store. She began to exact some complaint.

Jake observed in sudden irritation as Grandma handle the complainer. Mel left as Grandma continued doing what she have been doing. It all went well till the store closed.

Jake and Grandma went home safe and sound, spending time with the Spankenheimer family, enjoying dinner  watching people play golf as a sport and enjoying flaganne beer. As cousin Mel remained defiant isolated away from the family. After the enjoyment they all head to bed.

During nighttime midnight as it's Christmas. Jake suddenly began to wake up to hearing a "Ho ho" laughter, jingle bells ringing and the sleigh thrumbine swooshing through the cold nighttime air. Jake got to the window looking through the clear glass to see Grandma Spankenheimer already outside walking his warm eggnogs and a bag of smelly fruitcake. Grandma Spankenheimer forgot to take her medication as suddenly one of the rain deer sniffed out the scent coming from the brown bag and diverted the flight.

"Whoa ho ho, what are you think you are doing?" Santa asked. At that speed, Grandma paused to hear bells jingling rapid as she turned to instantly look in sudden shock that the rain deer is coming right for her. Sadly unable to move out of the way in time, the raindeer bashed through knocking Grandma unconscious. Immediately Santa landed down and picked the unconscious woman up and took her away.

Then respite later sunny morning in the snowy covered day of Christmas, Jake woke up immediately to the Aeneam Laton police siren noise. Dressed Jake Spankenheimer head down to see the commotion with the rest of the family.

After some collaboration especially Jake remembering about the disappearance of Grandma Spankenheimer, the police left as for Cousin Mel she have a plan that have something to do with the shop. Outside Jake went out gathering clues regarding the incident. He found Grandma's medication pill and a soaked sack what it contained an offensive smell of fruitcake.

While Jake collaborated with the Spankenheimer especially to Grandpa Spankenheimer, Cousin Mel planned to negotiate a vile deal with a business CEO-like guy within Laton planning a scheme to shut down buy Grandma's store- putting them out of business. Saying in terms that Grandma is missing for better chance of convincing.

Meantime over to the North Pole probably up in way northern around Zupcanik regional area, Grandma Spankenheimer wakes up in the home of Santa Clause's workshop. Standing right there is Santa and a male Tishli, very friendly.

"Where am I?" Grandma Spankenheimer asked. "Oh ho ho you are in North Pole, we picked you up when somehow one of my raindeer riders diverge off course." Santa said.

"Who are you two?" Grandma said, seeming to have a concussion-memory loss from being hit by the raindeer.

"Uhm I think she suffered memory loss, sir." The male Tishli wondered in worrisome. Santa Clause thought for a moment. "Hmm maybe we should take her back to where we picked her up." Santa said.

Grandma Spankenheimer remained silent but observant as she obliged to tag along with Santa and the male tishli wearing green outfit. They head off on the sleigh to the Spankenheimer's house.

Meantime after searching for enough legitimate evidence, Jake suspected it was Cousin Mel who have somewhat sabotoge Grandma's fruitcake baking. And have overheard that Mel is attempting to sell the store that Grandma Spankenheimer owned.

So they have rushed to the store and altogether after time of skip past Cousin Mel and Santa Clause arrived to the scene in front of the toy store.

Grandma in a Christmas fashion miracle since regained her memory at that time probably having that fruitcake she have tasted while on the sleigh with Santa and the male tishli.

With the Laton police officers around with a judge holding the court right there in the middle of a quiet straight as few people gathered around. Discussing the arrest of Santa Clause being said by Cousin Mel as the Spankenheimer and other crowds of all fairly diverse kindred all gasp.

But Jake Spankenheimer the male human cracked down the case successfully providing all the legal evidences what Mel did. Which lead to the judge's solid decision to place Cousin Mel under arrest for sabotaging Grandma's cooking, framing Grandma's disappearance just to forced sell off the business to get money for herself greedily, and for RUINING CHRISTMAS!!

Cousin Mel have been handcuffed by the police and taken into custody behind bars while Santa Clause the human male man in red-white outfit is innocent and free of charges. The crowd rejoice happy as Santa praised the world with satisfactory gifts.

As the Spankenheimer all returned home, on the way the famous music began to play when Santa at nighttime drove off to the sky. When Grandma Spankenheimer pull out that offensive sensitive smell of Cousin Mel's fruitcake, lore repeated itself that one of Santa's raindeer sniffed the scent and diverted again, bashing right through Grandma- running her over as the sleigh then ascends back high to the cold wintery air back to North Pole around Zupcanik region.

And the happy but slightly worried Spankenheimer family help Grandma to her feet back home as they enjoy golf, have dinner, drinking flaganne. Evening both Grandma and Grandpa Spankenheimer read out their views from what they've explored. All live happily ever after...

The end...

Merry Christmas!
Once upon a time on Christmas Eve, on the land of Aerisgen- Aeneam the capital city of Laton. Morning warm fairly cold winter season flare throughout the city' environmentally.

The citizenship of people immediately began to celebrate the coming of Christmas: head out went Christmas shopping for friends and families. Buying various items. Treating them out to good eateries at restaurant.

While other people of mixed kindred band together as a confederacy team, chopping down that one big colossal particular tree.

While the crowd of Laton, Aeneam did all that they sing series of happy joys of wonders relating to Christmas.

The timbering tree cutting crew brought the tree out to the middle of the Laton square as the rest of the people all cheer as they awaited for the coming of the Christmas colossal tree.

They then place and positioned the tree in the middle of the square. After that the singing cheerful proud celebrating people of all kindred team-confederate together decorating the tree with ornaments and lighting. As others fill the bottom of the bark with wrapped presents around the tree.

The flying young zhuque deliver the last decoration with a bright yellow star of joy on the top of the tree.

Then the people got together after prepping dinner at their homes and such, joining hands as they all sing. Like a family.

They continued through celebrating around the city till nighttime, then the people of Laton, Aeneam head off to bed.

But then somewhere far, far away in the peak of the cold mountain in the cave, lay a very grumpy, grumpy dark-green troll-like male baihu named Grinch. Who hated Christmas, as his pet a little mutt who hides in fear and shudders as the Grinch got up and move outside the cave to the peak to watch the lighting near-silent town as few people enjoy their days.

The Grinch watched the tall lighting decorated Christmas tree remaining grumpy. He have a weak tiny heart in his soul as he have no cheers, but mental jeers as the mutt just watch the Grinch...

"I hate Christmas, it makes me sick." Said the Grinch. Then an idea pop into his head as he evilly smiled at that thought of stealing away Christmas.

"I have an idea I shall take Christmas away from them." The Grinch said, rubbing his hands together as he mumble out to an evil laughter.

He went back to his cave, the mutt hide back shaking as the Grinch organize out his thrumbine: a sleigh. He worked on an outfit red-white cotton outfit neglible attire. He put it on disguising himself as a green baihu Santa Clause.

He then went to get his pet that feared mutt and added on a rain deer horn, follow by a red shining nose. Attached few ropes to the mutt that connected to the sleigh. After all the entire preparation as everyone else in Laton are now asleep in their homes, the baihu Grinch lift off into the air after setting it off from the tip of the peak.

Cartoon wise the poor mutt wiggles its little paws trying to fly as the sleigh tilted to go down but then ascended up normally flying to the quiet late night city.

Then once arrived, the Christmas stealing began: the baihu Grinch disguised as Santa Clause, raided several people's homes taking anything: food, gifts, cookies, glass of milk, even Christmas tree. Maintaining stealth, the Grinch tip-toed through living rooms, etc keeping his goals of stealing stuff.

In one of the house as the Grinch place bunch of presents into the big burlap sack, a little human boy in his pajamas, lurked out of his room witnessing all this as he approach the baihu Grinch in curiousity, seeing now he is taking the trees and place it somewhat into the sack...

"Uh, Santa what are you doing, why are you stealing Christmas?" The boy asked, curiously and innocently. The Grinch paused after what he was doing in surprised shockness as he stared at the innocent boy...

"Oh I was Uhm just taking them all to repair them. That's all. I promised I will return all back." Says the Grinch with a vague smile. It was enough to convince the boy.

"Oh okay." "Now you just go back to sleep, little one and enjoy your Christmas dreams." The Grinch grinned. He then gave the boy a water then instantly place him back in bed on the left side along with the rest of the 3 deep-sleeping boy.

"Now enjoy your rest." The Grinch patted on the happy hopeful boy's head.

Then the Grinch left that house immediately, next target he made his way to the Laton Square and began deassemble the colossal decorated tree. Taking the lights away, popping the ornaments off, then last take the bringing shining stars away before taking the tree off.

After what seemed that the town is lightless and plain normal, the Grinch immediately lift off and flee back to the cave in the tundra mountain. Where he got what he wanted.

Respite passed as next morning it is Christmas. Officially Christmas. Every of the townsfolk all came out to rejoice as the Grinch too awaken to come out and witnessed the reaction response of the people's towards Christmas that have been stolen.

The people kept smiling, maintain their cheerful mood and attitude regardless as they joined hands around the area of the square near where the tree was once have been at. They began to sing out as the Grinch began to hear the cheering happy flairs.

The singing continues as the morning sun shines, the singing of all that joyness then emits that bonding feeling that it isn't always about gifts and material things, it's more about spending times with families, loved ones, being there for each other, and giving thanks for everyone's contributes that rise up high to the air.

It convince the Grinch enough that his heart grew big at a colossal rate that it shattered the frame-measurement abstractly.

"I never know that people would still celebrate Christmas without means of Christmas tree and exotic decorations." The Grinch said.

Happy, cheerful the Grinch head back to his sleigh where as his mutt immediately joined.

"Come on boy, time to celebrate Christmas joy!" The Grinch smiled.

He immediately lift off to the town, giving everything Christmas-related back that the Grinch have stolen. As he is now all bright, happy, and friendly. Restoring the city the way it is evening magically rushing to put that colossal tree back in the middle along with the ornaments and lighting.

By then all is resorted as the people cheered, praised, and enjoyed Christmas as all the little walking kids of all kindred lined up to sit on the official disguised Santa Clause baihu Grinch's lap as the mutt smiled enjoying being petted by other kids.

"What do you want for Christmas?" The smiling Grinch said. And that boy on his lap is that same boy who saw the Grinch whole stole Christmas...

"You know, Santa? All I ever wanted for Christmas is spending times with my family. And I wanted to give a present, Santa." The boy smiled. He then gave the Grinch a personal present whatever the Grinch wanted for Christmas as the Grinch graciously happily accepted it.

And it was the cheerful ending ever as the Grinch celebrated Christmas peacefully alongside with Laton townsfolk. As the camera pans to the sudden snowing sunny weather.

The end.
The day after celebrating Christmas as everyone gave thanks, spread the joy of happiness around, crime rate miraclely reduced to zero percent as economic strive and skyrocketed high. Restuarants, shopping districts flourished with chattering friendly customers, people moving about their day. Very much the rest of Aerisgen.

Altogether the 4 major protagonists: Sunbeam the Emperor leader of  Solar Regime, Moonbeam the Empress leader of  Lunar Regime, Starbeam the Emperor leader of Star Regime, and Galaxbeam the Emperor leader of Galaxy Regime. All among like Aerisgen all did what they enjoyed doing.

Sunsword, Moonsword, Starsword, Galaxsword all enjoyed assorted varieties made sandwhiches made by their girlfriend: Sunsuna, Moonsuna, Starsuna, and Galaxsuna. On vacation trip at Tanso in Trothingrad City on picnic on the bench area near a busy park where kids are having fun with their families watching them.

Alongside who also enjoying the sandwhiches is Troth, King Garoth II, Coth, Cloth, and Palik. The rest of the Briggzig family including Briggzig himself loaf as they rest under the shady tree.

Where else in Tanso, the Akiba Bar, Moonbrass, Starbrass, Galaxxus, Galaxtron, Galaxman, Galaxprom, Sungloo, Sunbay, Sunn, Moonn, Starr, Galaxyy, and Startted all drink and collaborated amongst each other. With bunch of tishli servers, female baihus, and female humans wearing skimpy outfits that always attracted eyeballs from most guys.

Over to Aruyr Hegemony, King Muggrend, Queen Hallibra with her female touzuleis and male touzuleis alongside: Sunplant, Moonplant, Starplant, Galaxplant, Starry, Stargrass, Stargreen, Starpot, Starcraft, Starwars, Startrek, and Moonwater all enjoyed supporting the nation maintaining habitat with watering plants and shrubbery.

Sunscar, Sunface, Moonface, Moonscar, Starscar, Starface, Galaxscar, and Galaxface along with Sunworkers, Moonworkers, Starworkers, and Galaxworkers all promoting majorly owned venues and large company business selling their signature sweets to the everyday consumers.

Sunnetta, Moonnetta, Starnetta, and Galaxnetta all danced on catwalk on stage being held in Laton as Sunbeam, Moonbeam, Starbeam, and Galaxbeam altogether AES have hosted the event.

In school, Galaxspace and Galaxtech both enlighten their students with space and technology.

Sunkuzure, Moonkuzure, Starkuzure, and Galaxkuzure all played various symphony bands all over the nations and continents throughout.

The AES forces all enjoyed their doing as time passes...

After a skip, they Allied Evolution Salvation all came to bear the news that tomorrow is the coming of the new generation. Altogether in a television style split-screen Galaxbeam, Starbeam, Moonbeam, and Sunbeam...

"Tomorrow is New Year's Day?! Already?!" Sunbeam and Moonbeam both exclaimed in surprised as Starbeam and Galaxbeam remained confidentially calm.

Several of the elites were instantly alerted on each of the allied regimes. As the soldiers of them all immediately head out shopping...

"Tomorrow is New Year's we gotta start celebrating." Sunflow said.

"What are we going to do?" Sunn said.

"We should leave it up to what General Sunbeam's ultimate hand here." Sunbrass said.

"Should we start buying a formal dress?" Moonleaf asked. "I don't know, Moonsuna would know." Moonnon said.

"We need our mi'lady to call the shot on the celebration." Moonbrass said.

"We should cleanse the community of Ayaziwa." Stargrass said.

"Rally up the budget." Starry said.

"We should spend a set limit of a million augs." Starry said. "For New Year's Day." Starboy said.

"Starbeam my sweetheart we should all hang out over to Aeneam within Aerisgen." Starley said, wrapping his arms around him.

"Hey we need to know our New Year's Resolution." Galaxface said. Galaxscar smoked his lemon flavored blowpop cigar, exhaling yellow smoke.

"What is your New Year resolution?" Galaxyy said.

"Improving technology and making more histories." Galaxgold said.

"For me, exercising." Galaxprom said.

"Further education." Galaxparasyte said.

"Protecting space!" Galaxxus said.

"My New Year's resolution is to celebrate it with friends. Heh heh heh." Galaxbeam said. "I will hold your education with me, go and have fun with the others." Galaxtres said.

Over to Aeneam, Laton the 4 top representative regime leaders: Sunbeam of 'North' Aeneam, Moonbeam of 'South' Aeneam, Starbeam of Ayaziwa, and Galaxbeam of Zhengqi. All of their regime; the four leaders met up in Laton, Aeneam headed out to go shopping. At a colossal size super gigamarket, they immediately browse through bunch of isles, getting various items. While they are going shopping.

Most majority of all elites and soldiers come together within Laton, Aeneam.

Over to AEN Capitol, President Aemskall with Troth, Briggzig, King Muggrend, Queen Hallibra, President Bugdhen, and Captain Dotvahn all there as Aemskall have the podium ready to state out his speech....

"We are gathered here representing Aeneam, Tanso, Aruyr Hegemony, Zhuknarod, and Zupcanik. The United States of Aerisgen. To this day forward after USA-we the people of Aerisgen have celebrated Christmas and X-mas, now the whole world will and shall celebrate the coming of a new generation, New Year's Day.

When the whole nations have been unified all in special thanks to General Sunbeam and the rest of the other major allied leaders: Lady Moonbeam, X Vice Colonel Starbeam, and Prince Galaxbeam all for making our nation-wide as of now. Thank you all. You the powerful leaders have prevailed us forward and prevented evil from usurping our land. We the people shall celebrate this coming New Year's with a mighty giga outside celebration banquet! Yes indeed a banquet out in the town's square near the clockwork of Laton City. All of you are invited- we welcomed you all people including Tanso, Aruyr Hegemony, Zhuknarod, and Zupcanik! We also welcomed the continent of Ayaziwa and Zhengqi. We also wanted the Cog Jammers, Qar's Calling, Nacht Down, and Embers of Liberty all to come to the new generation, New Year's banquet party.

And that concludes my speech, happy New Year's United States of Aerisgen." President Aemskall announced nation-wide.

Throughout Aeneam the crowds all cheered wildly chanting "USA USA USA!" Many of them staged mini parades as they celebrate early coming New Year's new generation with many various celebrations.

Troth then took the podium as Briggzig move on next to him being his right-hand man...

"A-a-a-ahem, thank you ladies and gentlemen of Aeneam, United States of Aerisgen. I Troth Troslik Briggzig representative from Tanso the Briggzig family. Troth loves food and drinks! Ahem! Just to get it out of Troth's systematically, now we Tanso people of baihus and as well friendly brutes of briggarz all United as we Tanso Nations get together-come together to celebrate the future tomorrow new generation of so-called New Year's Day. When it became a new broad nation that feeling when everything somewhat renewed.

Troth saw this vision of peace, harmony, tranquility, and sovereignty of respect! Troth has a dream of longing for food and wine! Troth see Troth's family of loving and bonding. But throughout my years in Ocost on Asylum I have discovered that war is wrong- it does not bring people together, it divides them apart. Shatters people away.

But today Troth will celebrate New Year's and practice peace that really would bring people together!" Troth announced.

"Yes I believe! We cherished peace and nature- justice for all!" Briggzig said.

The committee all cheered as they applauded including President Aemskall.

King Muggrend stepped in next taking the podium...

"Nothing more to say, but after the hardship past of what we have been through, I thank my son, General Sunbeam, my daughter Lady Moonbeam, and the cousins X Vice Colonel Starbeam and Prince Galaxbeam for their efforts in growing the peace and tranquility in the United States of Aerisgen. And the United Nation of Continent between Ayaziwa and Zhengqi. I am looking forward to this new generation- New Year's. Thank you." King Muggrend announced.

The committee applauded as he step aside for President Bugdhen of Zhuknarod...

"Good day ladies and gentlemen of the United States of Aerisgen and the United Nation of Continent, I am Bugdhen representing from Zhuknarod as the President of that land. As the coming of future New Year's new generation is on its way I like to thank the four major representing leaders who have protected us from further onslaughts of bloodshed. We all have made it through, including economic sufferings. We have made peace with the touzulei like King Muggrend and Queen Hallibra of Aruyr Hegemony. Including the land in Zupcanik that we feichong brothers and ancestors have finally rebuilt our homeland so called Tsarstov. With all the rifing resources we can fully expand our resources and economic infrastructures outward more than ever- technologies and productions will flourish as the new generation awaits. So far that will be all from my public speeches. Thank you." President Bugdhen said.

The committee applauded.

Time pass by as Sunscar, Sunface, Moonscar, Moonface, Starscar, Starface, Galaxscar, Galaxface, Sunny, Sunn, Moonn, Moonshire, Moonrire, Starbond, Starr, Galaxcomp, Galaxmann, Galaxdew, and Galaxtrom all hang out at Otakamai Maid Cafe all enjoying lunch and snacks provided by the female tishli and human maids.

Sunbeam spending time together with Moonbeam as they kiss and make out in bed. Starbeam watching the kids play at the park with Starley. Galaxbeam with Galaxtres reading various books in the library.

Then about extra lull past later after the entire nations all prepared themselves for the new generation of New Year's Day- nighttime came in. At the Laton square right by the clockwork tower as the long hand rotated, many of the people all gathered around the square celebrating the time as it near the designated time for it to be New Year's.

The Solar Regime, Lunar Regime, Star Regime, and Galaxy Regime all arrives as every of the nation flooded the land as they enjoy their wine, snacks, and communicate to each other in excitement. By then the clock began to nearly make it to the top as people altogether began the countdown to New Year's Day...


"Here it comes..." Sunbeam said. "It;s almost there!" Moonbeam said.

"2..." Starbeam and Galaxbeam both watched the both hands on the clockwork tower anticipating.

"1..." The entire Allied Evolution Salvation all watched.

Then after a brief silence, both of the hands of the clock shifted to the top emitting a loud digging tolling noise as the crowd broke into a loud cacophony cheer and applaud. The Solar, Lunar, Star, and Galaxy Regimes all rejoiced as millions of fireworks all fired illuminated the skies in different colors and styles. As cheering continues, Sunkuzure, Moonkuzure, Starkuzure, and Galaxkuzure all signaled her musical band symphony crew to all play out each songs to celebrate New Year's Day.

"Happy New Year's!" "Happy New Year's!" Several crowds cheered and said.

"Happy New Year's Day, hunny." Moonbeam said as she gave Sunbeam a hug. "Uhm Happy New Year's to you too." Sunbeam replied.

"It's the new generation already." Galaxbeam smiled. "Indeed it is, it finally have came fourth a brave new generation." Starbeam said. Galaxtres and Starley both came to hug their boyfriend to cherish the new generation of New Year's Day.

President Aemskall and his wife toasted and drank their wine as Troth with his father King Garoth II both enjoyed a buffet feast of food, Briggzig with Commander Bailiff Ochurus, Palik, Puchega, and Nanchuggo all sleep through the nighttime.

As the clockwork continued to toll out loud follow by ongoing fireworks with many crowds throughout the nation-wide continents all cheered, worshipped, applauding, and celebrating, the tianshi from space above Aes all smiled and prayed for the people as they continued to watch over them with a cheerful smile. As the world moved on putting the past behind and advancing forward through the future of inventions and prosperity....

The End. Happy New Year's of 2016!
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Been writing my stories! From a Steampunk table-top RPG called Aes:Brass Revolution! Love the game alot! Here's the links!

Aes:Brass website


Aes Forum:…

Aes Public Playtester Group:…

Then also I have a Wattpad account that have all my previous stories!… 


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I am Tai Nguyen, AKA Sunbeam. I am Vietnamese, born in USA, Austin, Texas. I enjoy writing in my journal, planning to write more often here then drawing.I am 22 years old. Not good at drawing, so get used to reading. I am polite, respectful, tolerant, and kind, but don't like the opposites. I am socially active. And I am a fetish person often, I love quicksand and mud, would dared to do it. I eat a lot when I am hungry. I like to stay healthy. I don't like to be bothered when I am busy. And I hate being busy often. I wanted to have lots of fun. I dreamed of anime becoming real. I dreamed to be with a beautiful girl, and I dreamed I get what I wanted and my ways. That's mostly about me. Thank you.

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